Three reasons why I don’t use essential oils in my candles

Published on February 9, 2019 at 11:38 PM

U probably already knows, I like to experiment with candles. I like to try different scents and styles. Often people ask me why I don’t use essential oils in my candles.

Essential oils can have a positive effect when it's not heated on a high temperature. In this article I give three reasons why I don’t use essential oils in my candles.


1. Very little scent

Essential oil gives a delicate aroma. To get a great scent with essential oil you need to use more. And still I would get a little scent. I found out that essential oils are not compatible with fragrance oils. There are companies that add some drops of essential oils to there fragrance oils and call it Essential oil candle.


2. It is expensive

During my trip to India(click here for the pictures) I found out that Sandalwood is very rare. The real Sandalwood oil cost about 50 euros for 10 ml. For an Essential Oil candle you would need about 20 ml of essential oil to get a little scent. That would be a very expensive candle!


3. Its toxic

As soon as Essential oil burns in a candle, it loses all the good properties. It can even become toxic when the Essential oil is too concerted in a candle. Some Essential oils in a candle are harmful to pets, pregnant woman, and babies. I would not like to take that risk. I choice to make candles out of the best fragrance oil  that is free from paraben. I buy them from reputable online suppliers.


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