Blue Sage & Copal Smudge - Liefdesverdriet.

Blue Sage & Copal Smudge - Heartbreak

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Do you have heartbreak? Or do you just want to fall in love but you can't. Or are you afraid of falling in love?

How can smudging help me?

Get Blue Sage & Copal Smudge today and start your healing process right away. By lighting a smudge stick with your deepest intention and desire you can also attract what you want. This combination of Blue saga and Copal saga helps you to be open to light and love. Blue sage will also remove all negative energies. This allows you to be open to receive love.  

How do you use a smudge stick?

Use a smudge shell to burn up your smudge. We have a abalone shell, scallop to help you with that. A shell represents the element of water, air represents smoke, the herbs represent earth and the burning of the herbs represents fire. This gives you a connection with the four elements and brings you closer to nature.

Don't forget to open your windows so that you can expel bad energies and attract new energies.

Allow yourself a healthy relationship and start letting go of your old energies. Start with new vibes tomorrow. Allow yourself plenty of money and healing. Get your smudge stick today.