Dragon's blood smudge - Liefde, bescherming en reinheid.

Dragon's blood smudge - Love, protection and purity

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Dragon's blood smudge - Love, protection and purity

Benefits of Dragon's Blood smudge

Are you often tired? Do you constantly feel sad and insecure? You have no idea what you are doing with your life. You actually notice that you need new energy. Because you feel restless now and you stand still in your life.

Dragon's blood can help you by attracting protection, wisdom, strength and love. This makes you feel more confident and it is easier to make choices. Another advantage is that Dragon's blood removes bad vibes so that you can finally relax.

How do you use Dragon's blood smudge?

Use a smudge shell to burn up your smudge. We have a abalone shell, scallop to help you with that. A shell represents the element of water, air represents smoke, the herbs represent earth and the burning of the herbs represents fire. This gives you a connection with the four elements and brings you closer to nature.

Don't forget to open your windows so that you can expel bad energies and attract new energies.

Allow yourself a life of positive energies, strength and wisdom! Get your Dragon's blood smudge stick today.