Roze Bio Goddess Meditatiekussen.

Pink bio goddess meditation cushion

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"The lord will fight for you while you keep silent"

Every day you experience a lot of stress and pressure from the things that are happening and the things you still have to do. As a result, your body is always under stress.

Be honest. When was the last time you did nothing? When was the last time you took a moment for yourself to pray or meditate?

Create your own Goddes moment with our Yogi & Yogini meditation cushion. This artisan has an inner and outer cover of 100% organic cotton. Furthermore, it is filled with natural buckwheat chaff.

Adjust and refill

You can easily adjust this pillow to your own wishes. You do this by removing some of the filling.

Product specificationsOCS Blended certified (*), produced according to GOTS standards. Outer cushion (**): 100% organic cotton, with zipper at the bottom. Inner cushion: unbleached 100% organic cotton, closed with a cord. Filling: good quality buckwheat husks, no irregularities.

** The color may be slightly different per dye bath.