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Gratis verzending in NL & BE boven de €50,- Door extreme drukte kan de levertijd van uw bestelling iets langer duren dan gebruikelijk.
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Online Workshop Leer Manifesteren- en Affirmeren als een Godin.
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Online Workshop Learn to Manifest and Affirm like a Goddess

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Learn to manifest and affirm like a Goddess with candles as a ritual


You have chosen to walk a spiritual path and you see the words manifest and affirm return. You are someone who longs for a life in which there is an abundance of love and money. You long for a nice job. You know you deserve it too. But deep-seated insecurities and fears and worries prevent you from manifesting what you really want.

If you answered one of these questions with a "yes" then chances are that you are not living the life you want to live and that suits you. Sometimes you do not experience things consciously and your life goes on automatic pilot. You no longer dare to tell people what concerns you, because you are afraid that they will not understand. Because of this you cannot always be yourself.
Sounds familiar?

Imagine if you had the power to influence the universe like a Goddess. Or that you can always feel peace and love wherever you are? Or that you can easily let go of things and do not suffer from stress and depression? That you are in contact with nature and yourself again. You then become a better friend, mother and partner. You have more energy to do things that you did not have the energy to do before. You will turn your body back into a temple where you feel wonderful.

Look no further, your inner self-care journey starts here! It is possible to develop happier, healthier and more love for yourself and I am going to help you with that.

This workshop is a practical workshop that will help you to manifest and affirm online. You read it right. You don't have to retire to a monastery or go on a retreat in Ibiza. You can follow this workshop from the comfort of your own living room. Even better, learn to create magical moments of peace, joy and love in your busy and sometimes stressful life.

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Online Workshop Learn to manifest and affirm like a Goddess

In this special course I, Rashida, will guide you in manifestation, gratitude and prayer. Thousands of women have been helped in the power of manifesting and affirming. Also my last workshop: "Meet your inner Godin - The Art of letting go with candles as a ritual was a great success." That is why I decided to deepen the different themes of this workshop. Let me guide you to make it easier to reconnect with your inner Goddess.

Register directly here for € 33

Date: 27-08-2020


Start: 8:00 PM 


Duration: 2 hours (We will let the spirits set the time) 


Location: Online via Zoom


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Your ritual is reinforced with all those components. It helps you to increase your strength and energy so that you can manifest your ideal life.