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Smudge Shell

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This beautiful smudge shell is about 12 cm in diameter. These shells are used for burning smudge, so you have a safe surface. There is also another story behind using a shell. By burning herbs in a shell, the four elements (earth, water, fire and wind) are all present. 

Where does the idea behind the smudge shell come from?

A "smudge" shell has traditionally been used to burn smudge herbs. During the contact with the spiritual world, the good spirits are invited, while the evil spirits are chased away. The most famous plant used for this is white sage.

The smudge herbs are roasted in a shell. The shell stands for the element of water, the burning of the herbs creates the element of fire, and the herbs themselves are the element of earth. The smoke that comes from the herbs represents the element of air.

Burning herbs or incense cones in a smudge shell is a beautiful ritual that appeals to many people - spiritual or not.

You can do this with a smudge shell

A smudge shell is usually used by people to clean their home or to meditate. Although there are different rituals in that area, you can perform the cleansing as you prefer. The shells are usually used for burning smudge, for example. The shell is also a beautiful, natural decoration for your home. It is a beautiful (and spiritual) natural gift for yourself or someone else.


If you like to meditate or clean regularly, ventilate your house well. This way, the cleaning works best (negative energy can actually leave your house) and you keep the climate in your home fresh and healthy.