White Sage & Cinnamon- Geld, Rijkdom en reinigend.

White Sage & Cinnamon- Money, Wealth and Cleansing

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Do you feel that you are always unlucky. You need a new job, house or car. You need money to take the next step in your life. Because of this you cannot get the best out of yourself and finally have a life that you have always wanted.

Benefits of White Sage and Cinnamon Smudge

White sage has a cleansing effect and cinnamon attracts money, wealth. This allows you to do what you have always wanted. Light your smudge stick. Use a smudge shell to burn up your smudge. We have a abalone shell, scallop to help you with that. A shell represents the element of water, air represents smoke, the herbs represent earth and the burning of the herbs represents fire. This gives you a connection with the four elements and brings you closer to nature.

Don't forget to open your windows so that you can expel bad energies and attract new energies.

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep! Get your White Sage & Cinnamon stick today.