White Sage & PEPPERMINT 10cm.

White Sage & PEPPERMINT 10cm

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This blend of white sage and peppermint is one of the more famous herbal combinations for smudging. Both have their own special effect, but together these effects are reinforced.

Where does smudging come from?

Smudging is a ritual that originally comes from the Indians. In order to make contact with the spiritual world, they burn various herbs, especially white sage. By burning these herbs, now known as smudging, they dissipate negative energies around a person or a space. Smudging is generally known as a cleansing ritual for this reason.


Smudgen is known all over the world today. It is mainly done to clean certain areas in order to be able to meditate afterwards.




How do you smudge a room or person?


You can do smudging in different ways. One way is to leave a burning smudge in a bowl somewhere safe. In this way the smoke spreads itself and cleans a permanent place or person. Of course you can also spread the smoke by lightly waving a feather or a fan. Another way is to walk around with it and send the smoke to certain places. This can be accompanied by a ritual in which, for example, certain prayers are said.


Advice: Always place the burning smudge in a fireproof dish or bowl. After smudging, always open a window or door to ventilate the room.




The effect of peppermint and white sage


The effect of white sage is mainly purifying. It dispels negative energy and restores harmony. In addition, it improves the air quality and relieves stress. White sage is known as an herb with a pungent smell. You can also see this scent as an aid so that you know where cleaning has already been done.


Peppermint is a well-known herb that is mainly used for cooking. But it is also a nice herb to smudge with. It has a healing effect and also brings protection. With these properties, the peppermint and white sage herbs enhance each other.