White Sage & RUDA RUE 10cms.

White Sage & RUDA RUE 10cms

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These sprigs of sage and Ruda Rue (rue) together form a strongly scented and cleansing combination. Both white sage and rue are classics when it comes to cleaning the living environment. Rue or ruda rue is also a very old classic among the fragrances in perfumes. By burning these two herbs together, you disperse bad odors and cleanse your environment.


The origin and properties of white sage

White sage mainly grows in California. It is a well-known spice that was used by the Indians for "smudging". This ritual involves making contact with the spiritual world by burning the right herbs. In this way you can cleanse your living environment and yourself from negative energy. The Indians often spoke about the spirit world, like evil spirits. By burning herbs they chased away the evil spirits and made contact with the good spirits.

There are different types of sage, but only white sage has the cleansing properties that the Indians considered important. White sage has a strong, spicy scent that may take some getting used to at first. In addition, the herb has antibacterial properties and with its invigorating scent, you can expel unwanted odors.

Ruda Rue

Ruda rue, rue in Dutch, is an herb with strong healing properties. For example, it used to be known as an antidote to certain snakes and mushrooms. It was also used in cooking, as a mouthwash and as a remedy for colds. Finally, rue was also known for its strong, spicy scent.

Many stories were and are circulating about wine herb. It is known for its protective effect and for warding off evil. Shakespeare liked to write about it, and in his stories associated the herb with healing and memory.


Smudging with white sage and rue

White sage, together with rue, forms a powerful combination for your smudging ritual. Together they produce a strong scent and expel negative energy.
The difference between smudging and burning incense is that incense mainly aims to create a desired atmosphere. Smudging is more often done to dispel negativity from living space or people. You can also use smudging herbs to:

  • unwind
  • meditate
  • expelling unpleasant smells from your home

To burn the sage and rue sprigs, you need a fireproof dish. This can be an earthenware bowl, but abalone shells or smudge shells are also very suitable. Place the twigs on top and light them. Wait for the herbs to burn superficially and blow out the flame. Preferably you open a window so that the negative energy can leave your house. With a spring you can ensure that the herbs spread well throughout the room.