White Sage & SWEETGRASS.


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This combination of sweetgrass and sage boosts your mood and gives you energy. Where the white sage provides a penetrating, spicy scent, sweetgrass smells sweet and friendly. Together they free your living space from negative energy and unwanted odors. The way they do that is completely natural.

What are smudging herbs?

The ritual we call "smudging" comes from the Indians. Smudging involves making contact with the spiritual world through the use of certain herbs. The most famous herb used for this is white sage.
By seeking contact with the spirit world, the Indians cleanse themselves and their environment from bad energies. The strong scent of sage also ensures that unwanted odors disappear. In addition, the herb is suitable for meditation.

White sage can be burned as incense or in its pure, dried form. This product consists of dried white sage and sweetgrass.


The power of white sage and sweetgrass

White sage is known for its cleansing power. The scent is penetrating and spicy. Some people have to get used to this. Sweetgrass, on the other hand, smells sweet, fresh and friendly. You could associate the scent with toffee or ice cream. Sweetgrass can also be found under the name "holy grass". The Dutch name is peat scent grass, because of its pleasant, sweet scent.
The sweet scent of holy grass complements the penetrating scent of white sage well. Both herbs are famous among the Indians for their cleansing properties.

Sweet grass is a broad grass that is woven before it is added to smudging herbs.


Smudging with sweetgrass and white sage

The nice thing about smudging is that you use the herbs in a pure and dried form. To burn them you will need a fireproof dish or shell. Place a few sprigs of holy grass and white sage on top and light them. Wait for them to burn superficially, then blow out the flame.
Expelling negative energy and unwanted smells is best when you open a window. In addition, you keep the climate in your home healthy by ventilating. This is always important when burning incense or herbs!