White Sage & Cedar Smudge 12cm

White Sage & Cedar Smudge 12cm

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In Africa, Cedar is used for ceremonies, healing and to attract wealth. That is one reason why Cedar was very popular with Pharaohs. Today Cedar is used more for cleaning and during prayer. In which white sage is a strong cleanser. Cedar also cleans energies but retains all positive energy.

Benefits Cedar smudge

Do you want a connection with the creator or do you want to improve your intuition? Cedar is an age-old smudge that can empower your prayer. Just like white sage, it can also clean the room of negative energy. Only with Ceder smudge the positive energies remain intact. Furthermore, Cedar is perfect for the following situations: 

  • spiritual cleansing
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Birth
  • New job
  • Death
  • House


How do you burn a smudge stick?

Light your smudge stick. Use a smudge shell to burn up your smudge. We have a abalone shell, scallop to help you with that. A shell represents the element of water, air represents smoke, the herbs represent earth and the burning of the herbs represents fire. This gives you a connection with the four elements and brings you closer to nature.

Don't forget to open your windows so that you can expel bad energies and attract new energies.

Allow yourself a moment with the spiritual realm and improve your intuition. Get your Cedar smudge stick today!