White sage smudge - Clean the house with a smudge
Witte salie smudge - Huis reinigen met een smudge.

White sage smudge - Clean the house with a smudge

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White sage

Do you have trouble letting go of the energy of work? Do you find it difficult to let go of trauma from the past? Or do you just notice that you suffer from negative energies from others and yourself? White Sage can help you create a positive environment.

Benefits Wiite sage

Do you feel that you are always unlucky. You need a new job, house or car. You need money to take the next step in your life. Because of this you cannot get the best out of yourself and finally have a life that you have always wanted.

How do you use white sage smudge? 

White sage is usually roasted in an abalone shell. The symbolism is that the 4 elements are united; the shell represents the element of water, the sage itself for the element of earth, the smoldering part is the element of fire, and the smoke is the element of air.

White sage is a strong cleanser. Sage is used for its purifying power in cleaning the aura and the environment. It removes heavy energies. Burning sage also cleanses the air, mind and thoughts. If you are going to smudge indoors, open a window so that this energy can flow away. Sage stimulates visions and dreams. The leaves of the white sage are known for their special scent.

White sage can be stored for a very long time, provided it is properly cared for. It is best to store white sage in a non-humid and dark place. 

Allow yourself a life without negative energy! Get your White saga smudge today!