White Sage


White Sage


Are you in need of some new energy around you?

This White sage is a strong cleaner. Sage is known for opening the heart energy and it's used in ceremonies because of the purifying powers. It can clean the aura and the the environment.


When burning the sage it removes heavy energies. You will feel soo light because the mind and the thoughts are also cleansed. 


When you use the smudge indoors, please make sure that a window is open so that the energy can flow away. 


Having trouble sleeping?

Burn some sage before going to bed. It can stimulates visions and dreams.


The scent of Sage

The leaves of the white sage are known for their special scent.


How to take care of your sage

White sage can be kept for a long time, provided that proper care is taken. You can best store white sage in a non-damp and dark room.