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Abalone shell

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Nowadays you can buy different types of smudge shells. I have to admit that many people buy the Abalone shells. The Abalone shell is a natural product, which means that one shell is slightly larger than the other. There are small, natural holes in it, which provide an excellent air supply. The Abalone shells are between 11 cm and 15 cm in size.

The shell is brightly colored with a beautiful pearly shine. The shell takes thousands of years to become a beautiful mother-of-pearl shell.


Meaning of Abalone shells

abalone shell is used to roast, for example, white sage. Abalone shells are used for burning sage smudge sticks.

Sage is roasted in an Abalone shell to complete the four elements:

shell = water
lighting = fire
smoke = air
herbs = soil

Please note: this is a natural product. It may be a little different. There are shells with different colored spots.