Dennen smudge.

Pine smudge

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Denne smudge - Comfort and mourning

Have you lost someone? Are you grieving? Are you constantly depressed and unable to enjoy your life? Do you feel that the pain you feel on a daily basis will never pass? This means that you are in bed all day long and you are isolated from the outside world.

Perhaps Dennen Smudge can help you to cope with your loss. Pine is an ancient smudge that removes negative energies and bad entities. The scent of this smudge stimulates renewal, hope and love. This will help you process your grief more easily.

How do you use a smudge stick?

Use a smudge shell to burn up your smudge. We have a abalone shell, scallop to help you with that. A shell represents the element of water, air represents smoke, the herbs represent earth and the burning of the herbs represents fire. This gives you a connection with the four elements and brings you closer to nature.

Don't forget to open your windows so that you can expel bad energies and attract new energies.

Allow yourself a life in which you have processed your loss. Attract other energies tomorrow. Allow yourself a life where your pain has been eased. Get your smudge stick today.