Witte Salie & Yerba Santa Smudge 30 gram.

White Sage & Yerba Santa Smudge 30 grams

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White sage


White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is native to California and has been used as incense for centuries during purification ceremonies and prayers. 


White sage is a strong cleanser. It opens the heart energy. Sage is used for its purifying power in cleaning the aura and the environment. It removes heavy energies. Burning sage are also provided, mind and soul clean. Open a window when you spot indoor spots so that the energy can drain. Sage stimulates visions and dreams. The leaves of the white sage are known for their unique scent.




Yerba Santa is Spanish for holy herb, the name the missionaries gave it because they were amazed by its healing power.


This 100% natural smoldering herb not only provides a positive effect scent, but is also ideal for protecting and purifying both yourself and your immediate environment. Traditionally it has been used as a type of incense to ward off negative energies and as part of healing ceremonies.