Royal African Black Soap.

Royal African Black Soap

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Enjoy the rich and creamy feel of this delicious African black soap from Ghana.

This raw African soap from BySanaah is a scrub soap that soothes your skin and removes blemishes. It is perfect for acne on your face. And gives you an ultra glow.

BySanaah's African Black Soap is called Alata Samina in Ghana. This black soap is the only 100 percent natural soap in the world. This natural soap can be used for hair, face and body.

This African Black Soap from BySanaah is made in Ghana according to an ancient recipe. It gives you a natural experience. Our women in Ghana make African black soap from: water, palm kernel oil, Shea butter and cocoa paste.

African Black Soap BySanaah is free from fillers, preservatives and harmful chemicals. Therefore, this soap is safe and gentle for adults, children and babies. This African Black Soap is cut in a traditional way. That's why some pieces are uneven.

After you order this black soap, I will add an instruction sheet on how to use the African black soap on your face and body.

90 grams


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